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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday season....

I feel like I should start every blog post with an apology. lol.

It's been almost two months.

I think Christmas to me, and to most people who sell items, is the most hectic and stressful time of the year. For the past two months I have locked myself in my studio for the most part, making jewelry. Most people here in the village thought I was out of town, and every time they saw me they would smile and hug me and welcome me back. One of the elders has nicknamed me "tummak", a word to describe losing an item like you would lose your keys.

We also officially announced our wedding. We were thinking the end of May, but changed it the beginning of June in hopes that goods friends of ours would be able to make it here. There will be GPS coordinates, salmonberry cake, caribou soup and I'm pretty sure we are registering at Sportsmans warehouse for camping gear for our honeymoon. Our rings were made by an artisan , carved from single pieces of titanium. When my other half officially asked for my hand he held me close, tears brimming in his eyes. I heard the first sentence or two, and then I started tearing up and all I remember is feeling like the world just got an official new color. So now I'm planning on how much of our wedding gear and ceremony is going to be traditional. I plan to sew and make it all myself. Everything from the shirts to the wolf skin boots.

He came home with a wolf last night. She was huge. A almost pure white with golden black tips. A beautiful pelt. She was frozen by the time he brought her home. So she lay on the kitchen floor thawing out.

I have seen alot of dead animals in my life. But her bulk in my kitchen made every primitive thought in my brain go nuts. I kept thinking that she took a shallow breath once in a while. Every cell told me I was in danger. Her paws were as large as my hand spread out, and her canines flashed white in a permanent growl.

Very intimidating.

I think in my head I always picture wolves to be a meaner version of a dog. But I saw nothing in her visage that spoke of any type of bond with man. Every cell in her body screamed of predator.

My dog went into heat last month or so. We kept her locked up for the most part wanting nothing of a litter of puppies. I remember waking up one morning and taking her out and putting her on a chain. I sat in the doorway sipping coffee and making sure no male dogs came around. In front of our house is a road, and beyond that is a section of the landing strip, and beyond that is thick willows. A large shadow detached itself from the darkness of the bushes. Long legs moved silently down the landing strip, towards the mountains. I remember thinking first that it was someone's dog that had gotten loose. But I was confused as to why it was heading into the mountains. Then there was a spark in my brain that made me aware of it's size and lope. It was a big male wolf. Black. And completely unafraid.

It creeped me out that I did not notice it at all for at least a few minutes as it watched me.

I'll try to remember to post a picture of the pelt once it's done drying.

And thus a post about CHristmas and weddings turn into thoughts about

Happy holidays my friends!