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Saturday, June 29, 2013

quick garden and chicken pic post!

The finished insulated coop front.
The chicks aren't really chicks anymore! 
Baby Kale
Baby sunflowers
My first tomato babies have arrived!
The finished coop and run in the back with some of the garden.  You can see my mini-compost blue bin.  It's working great!
The chickens first steps into the run.
With the crazy weather we have been having we decided to invest in a really awesome inflatable kayak. Here is the Hubby and my youngest brother testing it out.  This thing is SO much fun!

Our weather has been horrendous to say the least! we had two weks straight of 80-95 degree weather, which finally broke this last weekend.  Which was fortunate since we had three days of smoke filled skies from all of the fires that spread across the interior of Alaska. Some places south f us were reporting temperatures of 140 degrees in the sun. Which is horrible! 

We built the coop and started the garden which is why I have been MIA for awhile. The plants and chickens are doing great! We still have to finish some parts of the coop but we are pretty much set up.  Just in time for mosquito season! I have lost count of the bug bites I have but I am very happy that everything is set up and will need little upkeep for the worst part f the summer.

I hope to be able to getting around to doing a more in depth post about what I planted this summer, so far everything is doing great with the heat. 

Stay COOL people!  Don't let the whacky weather get to you!


  1. I didn't know you had chickens..what kind are those? I recently got Freedom Ranger Broilers and so far so good. They are up to 2.5 lbs and I've only had one death due to not drinking water. He tasted pretty good.

    1. These are Black Langshans! A duel purpose bird :)

  2. It shouldn't be 95 degrees in Alaska! I wonder how the wildlife is faring with those temps. Hows the bug situation where you live?

  3. the mosquitoes are horrible!!

  4. can you send some chickin eggs? from Josie.

    1. Josie! They will make eggs soon, I don't know if they would be rotten by the time they got to you! You can get as many as you like when you guys come here!

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