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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good bye Harley.....

As some of you might remember this blog did have a resident cat....who I introduced you all to in my blog post entitled Harley..

She past away yesterday, surrounded by my husbands soft singing.  She will be greatly missed, and I am trying to adjust to the absence in my heart.  She had a great life that included traveling with me from California to various villages on the North Slope, long sun filled summers, and both of us falling in love with my husband.  She made a few good friends and a lot of enemies as cats are wont to do.  She was such a presence in our lives, and I will miss most the mornings I woke up to her purrs and gentle nudges.  I find the hardest thing to do for some reason is to remove her from my intro on my blog page, so I thought I would at least make a post just for her, so she can live on indefinitely in the digital world called the internet.

Sometimes it's such a curse that our fuzzy friends never live forever, instead they make brief little paw prints on our hearts.


  1. What a beauty she was. Farewell Harley, and so very sorry for your loss.

  2. As late as I am reading this I have a feeling you still have a very special place in your hearts for her!!

    She will live on and enriched your lives, as we have been also lucky enough to have a few do for us.

    Thanks for posting this, just to remind us we were touched by those special paw prints and soft sounds!