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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wolves and Mothers

As Inupiaq People, we have a special connection with wolves.

We see them as equals, a fellow predator that uses wits and wiles to to feed our respective families. We both wander the tundra searching for the life that the caribou bring. We both know what it is like to rely on another animal for sustenance.

We as Inupiaq also have a special bond with the wolf. The scent of wolf fur is one of the First memories. A memory that is closely tied with the smell of Mother. A scent closely tied with the scent of love and safety and warmth. When a Inupiaq is presented with a wolf pelt, more often than naught they will bring it to their nose and inhale the scent, or maybe they will ruffle the long furs to release it into the air. Generation after generation of Inupiaq Mothers have carried their infants on their backs, surrounded by the Wolf.

This post goes out to the Wolf, and to our Mothers. Forever entwined.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Knee update and pics!

I feel as if my mind will never pace itself. I jump from idea to idea, adventure to adventure, and place to amazing place, reveling in the experience of that specific moment. And it seems as I get older I try to cram more and more into the time given to me. I wish younger people would take heed.

For those wondering, my knee surgery went very well. It was a quick day surgery type of thing, where they rolled me in one side and out the other, groggy and grumpy. My husband and brother were there, alternating between pampering me and giggling at my stupor as was needed. The pain was very minimal, of which I could not decide if it was because it wasn't that big of a surgery or if my tolerance for pain was increased due to old age and many previous bumps. The doc did inform me that I cannot take up running and that I have arthritis, and that I should keep tundra walking to a minimum. I scowled at him for a moment. I think I growled a bit too. In the end we agreed to both be cautious.

After a couple of weeks of very frustrating and mind numbing recovery I finally can safely go about exploring again. In celebration, nature has decided she missed Winter. It snowed heavy all day the day before yesterday and continues to pour down a very cold and wet rain today. Even so we still did a bit of fishing, glad that at least a few million of mosquitoes must have died in the flash freeze.

The theme of this post is: The doc told me I can't run so now I will take up soap making/candle making/ and possibly print a book of the local fauna as over compensation....

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A plant/flower I'm trying to identify.
The flowers bloom in waves here.

A weird combination of snow and vibrant springtime green.