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Monday, June 10, 2013

Springtime? O.o pics...

 I's finally spring!  It feels like spring.  But the last time it felt like spring we suddenly got a week of snowy blizzards.  Every moment is spent fixing up the garden and setting up the chickens.  My superman of a husband built a fully insulated chicken coop.  Complete with a small storage space and window.  We haven't completed it yet but enough of it is done to house the growing chickens and keep them safe from the resident weasel and the flock of migratory ravens.  I'll get better pictures once it up!

The garden is slowly coming together.  I lost quite a bit of my seedling in the 'great flash freeze of 2013' but I was able to revive a few and so far just lost a handful of the more delicate squash.  There is absolutely nothing more tedious than hardening seedlings! 

The chicken coop in the process of being built.  A carpenter husband is incredibly valuable!

The plants seem to say that it's finally spring, as they hesitantly green themselves up

everywhere we look is hints of green.

We found a robins nest hidden amongst a gravel slope.  We vowed to keep it's location a secret.
Springtime here means occasional showers and thunderstorms. 

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  1. Hardening off seedlings is not that hard--in Georgia! I'm fascinated with your various growing projects, and much impressed. Keep the photos coming. And a robin's nest? What a treat! Keep on having fun, growing stuff, and posting your progress.