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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wolf umalik.....

Too much has happened recently to write about all of it much. I'm sitting at home, sore from head to toe. I forget that I haven't driven a snowmachine for more than a few miles since last winter. So when Ben asked if I wanted to go with them on a caribou hunting trip, and the weather was perfect, I quickly volunteered....forgetting. It's amazing what a 8+ hour drive will do to a body.

We got 5 caribou. Which sounds like alot till you realize that we were hunting for 5 households. We kept some for ourselves, since we are down to about 1 pound of caribou meat. The lowest we have been in years. I take a camera with me wherever I go, but I don't always get an opportunity to take pictures. We rarely go on "pleasure" trips, so there is very few breaks, and sightseeing is reduced to quick snatches of awe when you can look away from the trail for a second and hope you don't embarrass yourself by crashing.

I did take a couple while waiting for the guys to finish getting into position to shoot the caribou. I myself don't shoot as I am "cock eyed", which means I am right hand dominant and left eye dominant, and I have never really learned to conquer open sight rifles. So I waited. And took pictures.

Later we made a fire and cooked fresh caribou ribs over it. The moon showed up like a slice of fire. Later the stars made an entrance. With our snowmachines turned felt like we were covered by a dark bowl of sparkling diamonds.

Other big news. My other half caught a gigantic wolf. In the photo below you can get a sense of it's size. He is about 6 foot 2 inches with the boots on. We give away about 60% of our prized furs, our best furs , for a prayer, or a blessing, to people who need them the most. We keep only what we need ourselves. Apparently someone heard them. Not only did we get two wolves in one trap, but we were blessed with a soldier. The men say that every pack has at least 2 or 3 of these gigantic wolves in them. They are the old ones. The smart ones. The wolves that chase prey down first and slow them enough for the rest of the pack to catch up and latch on. But they are very elusive.

We will keep him for ourselves. And give him a place of honor in our home.

Thank you very much cammilroy and debmilroy! Your boxes made it to me. Your kindness and generosity will be blessed!

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  1. taikuu... It is a blessing for us to share in your Joy. aarigaa