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Friday, April 15, 2011


I finally could not take it any longer and decided to venture out.... I bound my knee in a brace, donned my light winter gear, and jumped on the back of my husbands snowmachine. We made a quick trip down south to his Aunts camp nestled in the tree was a test of sorts, to see how well my knee could hold up to a long snowmachine ride. Normally I drive my own snowmachine so it took some getting used to. My knee held up perfectly fine and I enjoyed the trip Immensely! So much so that we are going camping there this weekend. I am careful not to actually walk on unstable ground...a small price to pay for such a luxurious trip!

So photos....

We spotted a few Dall sheep making their way up a cliff. They are very Ninja with their white fluffy coats.
A 'Camp Robber' bird that pilfered our bread crumbs from some ham sandwiches. I'm sure he has a real name but no one could remember what it was. At one point he landed on my head, making our 5 year old niece giggle and point.

The view from the camp
I did add a new product to my store Salmonberry Origins ....a incredible foot soak. Because of my knee injury it has changed my gait and the way I walk, which makes my feet incredibly sore. This stuff really works!

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