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Monday, November 7, 2011

Blog updates...

Some of you might have noticed some changes in blog.  The colors and whatnot changed because I hit a button on accident.  No amount of frowning could make it change back.  My birthday was on the 2nd and as usual I do a mini-age-panic and force myself to learn something new and different.

So I created a Twitter account.  I will post little things at least once a day, probably more in the beginning since I'm trying to get used of the process and how it all works.  Just another tiny window into my world.  If you have a twitter account you can click on the little birdie on the top left of my blog page to follow me.  It took way longer for me that I thought it would to figure out how to add that dang birdie! But age will do that to you.  If you don't know what twitter is's sort of way in which to sign up for random updates of 140 characters or less.  It's perfect for the phone users or mobile users.  I have a new ipod touch which will keep me connected and allow me to post random daily photos.  I love how you can follow famous actors and well known people, and it's fun to be socially connected in a different way.

I also added 'response' buttons to the bottom of every one of my blog posts, so now you can do a quick click about how you felt about the post.  Feedback is always appreciated!

 We find ourselves, my hubby and I, spending more calorie-saving lounging inside, we love to watch television series and movies, of which we are running out of things to watch!  Do you know of any tv series or movies on disc that would be worth watching?  We love random things as long as they are good...everything from Battle Star Galactica, to documentaries, to 50's and 60's films, to Big Trouble in Little China.  Though neither one of us are big fans of romance movies.

I hope everyone is surviving the Fall time (in our case it's early winter) well and I hope this post finds everyone warm and toasty!



  1. I was recently introduced to the Firefly/Serenity series and am hooked! Watch the Firefly shows first and the movie Serenity last :)

  2. Oh Man, I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, excellent series to watch.

  3. I will second Firefly, my favorite series is Doctor Who though. I haven't gone back and watched the plethora of old shows, but started at the 2005 revamp. (They are on Netflix if you have it)

    Other great series (I tend to art while TV series are playing)
    Big Bang Theory
    Sherlock (from BBC it's a mini-series of 3 shows so far)
    Lie to Me
    Stargate SG-1 (it goes on forever, eventually I did get bored but the beginning was quite good)
    Dead Like Me
    The Dresden Files
    3rd Rock from the Sun

    :) Enjoy! And yeah, Doctor Who is my main vote, I love that show

  4. Why wonder what to find. Alaska Native News has an ad for a roku. With a Roku you you have the options of 10's of thousands of different shows. I got a roku and got rid of the satellite dish and dvd rental. Before long, I will probably have one in every room in the house. Its the best entertainment choice I ever made.


  5. Hey Gust! I have been looking into it but living in the boonies there is a HUGE problem. There are only three options for Internet. Dial up (which you can't stream on), GCI (almost can stream on but charges a MASSIVE amount of money if you go over 250mb a day) and satellite dish internet. We now have a satellite dish internet, but our cap for downloaded data is 425 mb, which is only half a movie. If you go over you have to pay twice as much as the movie is worth. If I was rich I would totally do it! Or if they ever run a internet ground cable into the arctic!

  6. Will have to pull out my list of goodies to watch and comment later. Am assuming you are doing a Netflix type deal, given the Internet limitations?
    The Firefly stuff is good, Boston Legal is a hoot, and they do a few shows on Farmed Salmon and how shity it is:-)The Hero's series is good too.

  7. I am currently in an Anthropology class and have been reading a book by Norman Chance about the Inupiat people. The book was published in 1990 and although it's interesting to read from the Anthropologists view, I find your blog more interesting. influential and personal from an Inupiaq point of view for the paper I am writing today.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts for the world to see.

    Brian W
    Vancouver, WA USA

  8. I started reading your blog this summer and am finally getting back to it and seeing updates I missed. Of course now we are deep winter there is more time to do this. I look forward to more reading!