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Monday, May 28, 2012

Photo Day....

I promised myself that I would make a bit of an effort to increase the posts in this blog.  One way I am going to do that is to just do a few 'Photo Days'.  I constantly take pictures, they not only document everything but they also provide endless inspiration and Happy.  I hope you enjoy these peeks into our world!

Once the ground was cleared we started working on the garden space.  Digging up willow stumps and the larger rocks, removing trash and snowmachines and the larger stones.
So of course a few days later it snowed heavily for a couple days.  Cause I almost forgot I lived in the arctic.  Here you can see some of the finished boxes my husband made from salvaged wood.

A polar bear claw pendant, capped in whale baleen and scrimsahwed with a ancient Inupiaq design.  I call this one 'Twist'.  more info and pics at:

Some lichen sunbathing on a rock.  For some reason it looks so exuberant.

My brother picked up the camera and got a shot of me.  We were watching my husband and my brother in law butcher two caribou for transport. 

A American Golden Plover.  Eying me suspiciously.  Because I was acting suspiciously.

A polar bear fur, pearl, seed bead and bone hair pick.  The pearls were leftovers from my wedding.  More pics/info at


  1. Simply lovely. Rainey. Thanks for sharing. I love AKP and miss living on the Slope.

    Patty :-)

  2. I'm getting really excited watching your garden space become a reality !
    Sure wish I knew something to say to help with the spoon tomatoes. I can't grow tomatoes here- too wet, too cold.
    Alaska Pi

    1. I'm excited too! I think I'll just keep trying tomatoes till something

  3. OMG I love the plover pic...hilarious. I can't wait to see how the veggies do once you put them out.

    Carrie :)

    1. I hope they survive!

      I was stalking the poor plover for about 10 minutes. lol