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Friday, August 24, 2012

Picture time...

Just thought I would post some photos!  Happy Friday everyone! 

Aunty....I wonder what I look like in her photo?

Tourist planes almost constantly fly over all day long, from 8 am till 11pm. 

Fall time colors are my favorite but it never lasts long enough.

Been painting caribou antlers, which is so much fun for me it should be illegal!

Found this guy sunbathing in my garden. 

Fireweed in fall colors at dusk.  They glow with color. 


  1. And a happy Friday to you, as well. Show us your Auntie's pic of you if you get a file of it. That would be fun to see. Jay

  2. That caribou antler is pure awesomeness Nasugraq. I agree about your aunties photo too - I would love to see her perspective of you with yours of her.

  3. Painting caribou antlers? ...might lead to dancing.