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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pumpkin and Captain Kirk.

Sometimes when I am thinking about what to write in this blog the voice saying it sounds exactly like Captain Kirk from Star Trek.  In my head these post always start with..'Stardate.....2012....'

Just goes to show how much of an ultra-geek I truly am. 

I am mortified by the gigantic gap in my posts for this blog.   It is like admitting to people that sometimes you don't brush your teeth for a few days at a time.  But I think that my problem was that there was literally too much things going on.  Too much to properly sort and fold and place where they belong.  It was nothing really bad mind you, though some if it is tragic and some of it is incredibly mundane and dry. 

So I thought I would at least break this weird spell with a short cathartic post.  One with some photos and some updates and interesting things. 

Part of the problem is that I have started devouring books again.  I usually try and pace myself so that I do not go broke and so that I am actually part of the 'real' world' for most of the hours of the day.  But unfortunately I have found a few authors that totally and utterly engrossed me, in a genre that I usually never visit: Mystery and Thrillers.  So for the past few weeks or so I have been wondering around the house with a book hangover, rushing through tasks so I could return back to those other worlds.  You would think at some point I would have learned to control my literary addiction....

I also turned 35 this month.  I have officially joined the next age bracket.  I am suspicious about aging, though I am really curious to see what my mid life crisis will look like.  I'm thinking it would be fun to fly to North Carolina and stalk Orson Scott Card. Or maybe I will take up fencing.

We also adopted another fuzzy puppy.  Her name is Pumpkin.  She is monstrous dog with a heart just as big.  I giggle at her when she snorts and gallops all over the place, which makes her snort and gallop even more.  She has become my 'go for a walk' dog as she never strays far and she is as slow as I am with my bad knee.  The other dogs are still wary of her, but that is something time can easily fix. 

I also wanted everyone to also know that 10% of my sales from all three of my Etsy stores will be donated for this month directly to the Red Cross to be used in relief efforts because of Super Storm Sandy.  You can click on the stores on the right of my blog page.  There was a few days when both I and my husband were waiting to hear from family and friends in the affected areas.  All of them are fine to our relief!

I promise to post more in the near future.  And thank you all for being so patient with me!

Here the snow grows from the top down. 

Napping ducks on their way down south for the winter.

Pumpkin. She is a bit of everything large: St. Bernard, rotty, teddy bear.

The the transition from fall to winter is all edges and hesitant touch.

Princess and Kimbo, brother and sister.  It is hilarious that I have so much photos of them running around haphazardly. 

Frost is my new obsession.


  1. De très jolies photos... Vos chiens semblent très heureux... merci pour cet excellent partage.

    Gros bisous.

  2. Thank you! They are very happy dogs!

  3. Love it when I see you have published a new blog entry! Have you investigated an electronic reader like the "Nook" available from Barnes and Noble. Amazon offers the "Kindle."

    We have the Nook and with it we can borrow books from friends and likewise they can borrow for us. Although my wife has purchased quite a library. It's done electronically. Say we lend you a book. You can have up to two weeks and read it one time. While it is lent to you we can't access it. But at the end of two weeks then we have access to it and it is no longer available to you. If you like mysteries or adventures we have a bunch. I will say though that there are some books that can't be lent out. I think it is because they were recently published. I seem to remember there are clubs or forums on the internet where folks connect to do the lending/borrowing thing as well.

    You might also check out the Gutenberg project. They digitize books that the copyrights have expired on. They can be found at:

    Another source of electronic books that we also often use is our local library. They have established an online library where we can download books from. Works just like a regular library. You have to be a resident of our county to get a library card but there might be similar availability where you live.

    Thank you for blogging.

    Have a Great Day,

    1. Thank yoU!

      I have a ipad with both ibooks and kindle on it which actually has made my little addiction worse! I only have to wait for a few minutes for a new book rather than the old school week till my book came in the mail.

      I have tons of free books and such but it's always way too enticing to buy the new books.

    2. You are like my wife Patsy when it comes to book enticement.