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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tree line

We went on a breif trip down to the tree line to pick up a little bit of wood and to visit with friends and family that were camping there.  The weather was crisp and a bit chilly.  We took only one snowmachine because the village gas station had run out of gas before the weekend, so we had to be extra frugal.  Our gas bill is a huge part of our house budget, as it costs us about $9.60 a gallon.  It is flown in to the villageo n a huge pot bellied plane, and it is incredibly disturbing to watch it land! are some photos from our trip.

The bull moose antlers on top of the cabin are accompanied by a fresh wolverine skull. 

A typical set up for heating water for coffee and tea and for warming lunch meat.  I love the smell of a willow fire

The evergreen trees shed the snow for spring.

Camp robber birds are a permanent part of every camp in the trees.

They perch on nearby trees and wait till we drop a morsel or two.  I have even had one land on my head.  They do not eat gummy bears.  Which has me suspicious of said gummy bears.

On the way back we ran into a red fox.  I always found it odd how nature made these animals such a bright hue, making it almost impossible to be camouflaged in the arctic.

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