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Friday, November 14, 2014

New stuff going on....

I think every writer goes through this period of enormous self doubt....and I'm struggling with it right now I think.  I have about ten posts that I have written ...rough drafts.....and I never quite allow them to become REAL.  Hopefully winter will make me brave!

New things going on:  Baby has a couple of new teeth.  The weather here is horribly horribly WARM.  I have a new product out...a moss soap! See pic below.  The chickens are still going strong. I do plan on culling my flock by half next year, but I also want to get a bunch of new chickens next spring...I'm thinking five replacements for the culling of the original ladies and maybe another five meat chickens to raise over the summer, the foraging type.  I'm going to expand the run a bit and add a space to put the new guys and also use that space to raise baby chickens. I was really hoping one of my chickens would turn out to be a boy, but it looks like I'm going to have keep shipping in chicks till I get a good breeding boy.  I have taken up crochet and knitting.  We survived the Fall time rounds of the flu and came out a few pounds lighter ...  I hope this finds you all healthy and happy and ready to enjoy the holidays!  I'm dreaming of mys spring time garden and baby chicks already!

My garden is under snow.  I replanted a bunch of strawberries in the back bed and I' hoping they are going to survive! The chicken run is snow free this time, I have learned that my flock HATES walking on snow!

two teeth!

New natural anti-bacterial soap using spicy essential oils, healing stinkweed oil, and exfoliating/healing wild crafted arctic moss.  More info at:

Finished a couple of drawings....a series I am working on that combines vibrant modern colors with ancient Inupiaq markings and 'x-ray' concept that is found in our historical art. This was originally concepts for a series for a public space but was deemed to 'controversial' as it referred to old religious type markings.

a bowhead whale from that seriesin vibrant green.


  1. Great to hear from you on your blog. Love the baby teeth! She is such a beauty. Jay St. Vincent

  2. Well, darn, I wonder if it got a third time as it didn't appear, and I saw no "waiting for approval" message.

    So...I very much like your art, and I too write many things that never go online.