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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Despite what some people are thinking, I have not been silenced by marriage.

In fact I have been held hostage, by berries, and fish and long cool days filled with the smell of crushed labrador tea. I have been told that this type of kidnapping is normal at this time of year, and can sometimes last till the first few snow falls.

Despite this I have been writing. Short bursts, rough drafts. I haven't published any of these of course, and the longer I stare at them the more idiotic they seem. I think my muse is quite angry at me, as she has been peppering me with ideas for weeks, and I brush them off my shoulders and pile them neatly next to the photos that never make it either.

The nights are growing longer and the mosquitoes have finally gave up on their desperate sanguinarian mission and we find ourselves exploring nooks and crannies of the tundra that Nature herself has forgotten....and other deep and profound areas of other deep and profound entities thoughts.

Today I marveled at the way the tundra has sprouted mushrooms almost overnight because of all the wet weather, they look like pale flesh colored zits on the richer hues of the coming fall. Some were the size of dinner plates, though most were the size of grapefruits. And I realized that many village children would not even know how big a grapefruit was, but most if not all would know how big a caribou heart was, or how big a sailor boy cracker was, which are pretty much all the same size. And it made me smile. And I was told the other day that the older people would call mushrooms "they will take your hand off" in Inupiaq, and I thought that there must have been an awesome story behind that name.......

I thought I would let you all know that I still plan to keep this blog alive....if albeit a little random!


  1. i guess there are worth things to be held hostage by :)...have to go look up crushed labrador tea and sailor boy cracker now LOL

  2. Whenever you publish your musings, I will read them. There doesn't have to be one-a-day--especially since I am reading your past writings to make up for the years I didn't know about this website!
    Heck I submit a musing sometimes only once a year!