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Monday, February 7, 2011

Frosted Sunlight...

Some photos.

I bought me a new lens, and have only just started becoming familiar with it's personality. I look a bit silly hobbling here and there ....but it's fun!

Before I messed my knee up we bought full sets of skiijoring equipment. It was going to be our winter project, and would keep the dogs in shape for our spring through fall camping. Our dog 'Bullet' has the right instincts for the job so Ben went and tried him out. He was fine with the harness. Stayed on track, Pulled smoothly for about 300 yards, but was not sure after that of what Ben wanted. A good start and it lets us know what we need to work on!

The frost is a living thing in the winter. Here it is covering a drying caribou skin in our backyard.

The sun has finally gotten high enough to peek over the nearest it struggles to burn away a blanket of fog.

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