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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have come to the conclusion that if winter had a persona...she would be a young, vain, beautiful and fitful woman. Full of temper tantrums.

We have been experiencing big and bad snow storms. Which play havoc with the internet and prevents any outdoor activities. So for a couple of weeks now we have focused on making sure the dogs are comfortable, making sure nothing important gets buried till spring and trying our hardest not to succumb to cabin fever. My tactic is to go broke by downloading absolutely horrible and embarrassing Fantasy novels.

Sometimes though...the sky clears for a moment and we get to stretch our legs and enjoy the reprieve.

I don't have a date yet set for my knee surgery, so at this point it's a waiting game. I'm have high hopes that I might be able to go out and camp and hunt by late spring or early summer....that is if I have surgery in time. Till then I will hobble about the world.... writing bad poetry about my woes and cursing the woman Winter in her bi-polar attitude.

Some pictures!

As an artist I experiment with materials and techniques alot. I decided one day to play with caribou fur and learn about tufting, which is a technique usually used by Northwest? Alaskan Natives with moose hair. I made an AbSOLUTE mess....but it was fun! It looked like a caribou exploded into tiny piles of fur in my living room. for more pics and info:

I also have made a 'for me' lip balm....made with Salmonberries......and have listed it up for sale at:
My dog Nuna peers around a corner, surprised, on a briefly sunny I have emerged from the house.
The view from my window on one of my flights to Fairbanks for knee appointments.
Sometimes there is no real difference from the sky and the snow covered mountains......but sometimes for a moment a difference appears and takes our breath away. I always find it so humbling to know that great beauty happens...wether we are there to see it or not.


  1. i hope your weather clears up soon, we been getting a lot of snow , but nothing like you guys. Nuna is a cutie

  2. The last picture is beautiful. :)

  3. Whenever I fly over our part of AK, like your's I am amazed to think of us living in the middle of all 'that' down there. Amazing part of the world for sure!!

    I am off to view your creations!