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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fighting the Funk....

Every winter I fall into a cold temperature Funk.  Part of the reason is that the sun really doesn't come up, it just kind of lazily casts a hour or two of dim light, but the main reason is that I am complete wuss when it comes to cold and I refuse to come out till Spring.  I am a wuss compared to most Inupiaq that is....i can't handle anything below -10 comfortably. So I sit in my toasty little house and scowl at my happy husband as he rejoices in the opportunity to trap and to drive his snow machine.  

This winter I am making a real effort to 'fight the funk'.  I have realized that as I get older it is harder to lose weight, to keep muscle and to exercise your brain.  And my usual hibernation just adds pounds and laziness to the equation, which I then have to battle through when I emerge again in the spring.  I refuse to give up my baking so I started to add some other things to my daily routine.  

I bought a exercise video, complete with way-too-energetic people and plan to either use it or get out and walk around at least three times a week.  Today was the first time I have tried the video and I have come to the conclusion of a few things.  One: no matter how much you love someone, if they sit and stare at you while you are gyrating and swinging your arms with no dignity, you will get mad at them and get embarrassed and order them to leave.  So next time I will make sure the husband is hunting or working. Two: you can actually generate enough heat to heat exercising indoors to keep the house toasty, so much so that you will have to open the windows, and Three: it does make you feel happier, and healthier. 

Another thing I realized is I noticed I stopped taking pictures.  And if anyone knows me they will always comment how I ALWAYS have a camera on me, and I will take any opportunity to take photos.  But it sort of ends with winter arriving and the arrival of the 'funk.'  So I forced myself to take a few pictures.  I found out why I hate taking pictures in the winter...the cold and dark dark dark winter.  I realized that I had not done long exposure photos since I was in college.  And that I was actually pretty happy to play around in that area, a few minutes at a time, luckily today was actually warm, despite the heavy snow. 
Our back yard, snow covered and soft.

playing with exposure taking photos of our christmas lights.  I jiggled it a bit but it made it look like neon birds taking flight.

I got too cold when I was hanging these lights on our stairs so they ended up being kind of a jumbled mess of holiday happy.

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  1. I also find I fall into a certain amount of a winter funk, although we do get about 6-7 hours of daylight in our part of AK.
    Having a good Jeff King suit, fun hats and gloves get me to stick my head outside for a few minutes ech day.
    Funny that you do not like to take pictures during this time...I love it. The light, or lack of it, having to slow down to capture what I want and generally how much more interesting things look with snow and ice on them.
    Good luck on the video...for me I am happy doing stretching and some strength building to thaw the spring wake up time.