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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Q in Q and A?.....

A blog to me is sometimes way too one sided.  I am after all a very small percentage of this blog.  The rest is made up of incredibly kind people that are willing to sometimes read my rambles.  So I thought I would start doing a 'Q and A' thing.  Post your Question as comments to this post and I will do my best to answer them in the next post!  It can be about anything!


  1. Got any advice for staying focused while working at home? I find that just being home itself is distracting. You know, I start a painting and next thing I know I am out walking the dog or cleaning the bathroom or just anything else that come up! You know what I mean? Any ideas of helping me learn to focus here with so many distractions? I am trying to get an ETSY shop up and running and I need to concentrate! (Hope you are having a good snugged in winter so far.)

  2. I love your lichen oil. It smells fantastic. Do you make it with essential oil from lichen?

    I got your healing tisane tea and it worked so well.
    (K on the Kenai Peninsula)

  3. I am hoping you would/will talk more about this:
    "One of my projects this winter will be compiling and organizing information and photos for a 'Anaktuvuk guide to plants' thing I am putting together, "
    I have a half-formed notion of gathering something similar into a guide for Southeast Alaska plants for my grandchildren.
    I lack the artist's view of the world you have and yet want to exceed or transcend a mere list with photos.
    It seems to me that you regularly exceed the mere listing dealie and am hoping you can share some of the "how" to do that . I realize this borders on and perhaps flops right into being a question about what-is-art? . I don't mean it that way but can't think of another way to put it. Agh.