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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Photo Day....and stuff

This blog could easily turn into nothing but pictures of flowers and pretty things.  It seems like summer is always easy and a warm hazy blur of slow meandering.  We haven't been doing much, the husband is working 10hours/6 days a week and both the vehicles are undergoing several vital repairs.  We wonder around nearby, me taking photos and picking the plants in season and him trying to get in shape for the extremely physical sheep hunting season that is upcoming.  I can't complain though, though I wish we were getting more fishing done.  I think I'm waiting for the reduction of the mosquito population, they are a constant hum in the air and I have yet to get used to how they flit around my face in a desperate bid for my blood.  Arctic vampires indeed. 

I have found a few flower buds on my tomato plants and I'm oh so excited to see if they are going to make fruit.  Everything else is growing steadily, though the squash aren't looking ...alive.  I've pulled two of the squash so far, since they were beyond any help really.   The weather cooled down a bit from the crazy 90 degree days and the spinach, lettuce, peas and cabbage absolutely love it and have been visibly growing everyday.  The corn has slowed down a bit in growing and the leaves have turned a bit yellow, I think they will benefit the most from the blood meal.  The radish are making round bright red bulbs, but even they are starting to yellow a bit in the leaves.  The potatoes are vigorous and exuberant....if any plant could have emotions then they would be it.  My husband assures me that my oats are indeed getting taller, but since I stare at them pretty much everyday I can't tell. 

A couple of nephews wanted to see the garden yesterday and since they were so excited I went ahead and pulled out a couple of tiny radishes for them.  They were about 3/4 inch across and both boys were amazed at the fact that something that was growing became food once you washed the dirt off.  They had a million questions and I had to promise them they could come and help me pick the other vegetables when they were ready. 

Some photos of our days.....

it seem the flowers bloom in waves.

the mountains play with clouds like children play with toys.

horrible picture but I keep trying!  I think he has a nest near my garden.  While I weed he sits in the bushes and chirps at me in a rather offended tone.  i get brief views of his bright yellow chest. 

Self promotion! I now have for sale a bath tea made with arctic herbs.  My favorite mix!  more info:

We hike around and find deep pools that are good fishing spots.

A nephew ...being a boy. <3

Gives you an idea of the amount of mosquitoes we get here. 

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