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Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring photos....with Chickens...and fish


I have been busy busy busy....but I thought I would post some photos just to show you what has been going on.  Stay warm and snug everyone and enjoy!

We travel for 30 miles and immediately start drilling holes.  Here is my husband and his brother.

Pretty view taken while the guys were drilling holes.  An Elder who went with us showed us a grave marker where her grandfather was buried.  The bears keep tearing the markers down in the summer months.

On the way back one day we spotted a wolf who was acting weird and running parallel to us.  My husband shot it.  It was a very very old wolf, that was very very underweight.  His teeth were worn down to nubs.  We opened his mouth and saw why, his mouth was covered in hundreds of porcupine quills.  He was probably looking for humans.

A Arctic char my husband caught.  Yummy!

you can see us in the distance.  Such a wide and beautiful place....Lake Chandler

My husband caught these lake trout one after the other!  It was very exciting! We give away about half our fish and freeze or dry the rest to eat over the summer into fall.

The ice is at least 7 feet thick.  It still creaks and cracks and moves beneath our feet in a a very unnerving way.

Sometimes you could see the bottom of the lake near the edges through the ice.  It actually made me a bit dizzy gazing into the depths.  It felt like I was miles above....floating on glass.

Fishing in long rows of people. 

Yes we now have chickens!  I forgot to take photos of them when they were cute. lol.  They are feathering out now...and they look like punk stars with their half formed feathers.  i have ten Black Langshans, with pretty feathered feet.  I'm sure I will posting about them tons in the future!


  1. That wolf is quite beautiful. But wow, you guys really did it a favor... mouth covered in quills... poor thing had to be in so much pain!

    Just the photo of that ice is kind of making me dizzy... I can only imaging walking out on it.

    1. It's really amazing to see! I have yet to actually see a fish though!

  2. Congrats on the chickens! You probably already know about keeping your feed in a very secure, bear-proof container. They just love that stuff and can smell it from miles away. Looking forward to reading about your adventures with those birds.

    Sorry about the wolf, but you did it a favor by killing it.

    Nice catch, too. The fish look healthy and yummy.

    1. The chickens will be in a dog/weasel proof set up! If a bear feels comfortable wondering pass a gaggle of dogs to our back yard then we have other problems lol.

      The fish are so amazingly tasty!.

  3. I loved this post (not that I don't love most of them) but the fishing was really interesting... and the descriptions of walking on the ice, and I adore chickens, and the fact that you found such an old wolf was interesting as well.