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Monday, May 13, 2013

Video...first fishing trip to Shanin Lake...

I have come to the conclusion that if I am given more time during an outing, I will come back with more media to share.  This last trip we went on was to Shainin lake which is a good distance from Anaktuvuk Pass to the North West. You can catch monster lake trout there if you are lucky!  Since I had never been there before, I jumped on the chance to experience it.  I ended up making a little video of our return trip which was easy since I wasn't driving our snow machine...though I couldn't help it being so wobbly!  The drive there was a crazy adventure through 3-4 feet deep snow that involved a lot of digging snow machines out and holding our breath as we plowed through it all.  Driving through deep powder is kind of like driving in have to have speed and use weight to maneuver...and if you will probably sink!  I was the only person to catch a fish when we got there.  We realized a bit late that we should have consulted with an Elder to find the best places to fish before we left.  The surface of the lake was already wet in some spots from water seeping through deep cracks in the springtime heat.

My husband, making a trail to follow with our Ace through some deep snow.  It was up to my hips when I took the photo.

Taking a break on top of a foothill slope.  It was so intensely bright I was sure all of my photos would end up blown out.  

Shainin lake with a snow machine for perspective.  All that undisturbed snow makes you want to run through it and make tracks!

fishing under some on the nearby craggy mountains.  We noted the small avalanches with nervousness.

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