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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long night....

Today I looked all over the internet for Salmonberry dessert recipes.  I found...two.

So I think I'm going to pick as many berries this fall as I can, then experiment with recipes.  I'm mainly interested in  pies and cakes....but I was thinking to try a dumpling, maybe with some blackberries thrown in.  Salmonberries are an odd sweet...with notes of orange and lemon.  It should be fun.

Every weekend my other half leaves to look for game.  And at least once a month something happens so he doesn't return on time.  And I sit and worry and clean or watch sappy movies of which I never remember the title or the plot.  And I think about hanging his shoes.  

In the old day the women would take a pair of their hunters old boots and hang them up on the rafters or drying racks.  If the boots quit moving then the hunter was in trouble and would probably not make it home.  

So I stayed up most of the night, waking up every few hours to pace and check the weather.  He was fine...tired...but fine.

I wrote this a long time ago....


My Hunter

Come home to me

Avoid her blinding white gaze

take no comfort

in her cold arms

My Hunter

Come home to me

Love her

As I love her

Cherish her

Like I cherish her

But never forget she is a unforgiving mistress

My Hunter

Come home to me

I have rituals

And rites

Till you come back to me

So you can remember

The warmth and the rest

My Hunter

Come home to me

Ignore her whispered promises

For she can tell lies

Be wiser than her

And come home to me.

Things I found awesome today:
The wind blowing away the bugs...
The word "salutations"...
The sun dipped behind the mountains and there was a sunset...
and this photo:


  1. Your hunter came home to you.

    And I love that photo.

  2. The poem is absolutely beautiful. You should continue always to write as the words you say create an amazing picture in the mind.