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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ninja baby birds

I take the dogs for a daily run everyday.  Not very far....just enough to stretch their legs and shake the dust from their coats.  If it's hot out I will take them to a pond and let them swim after sticks. 

Here you can see Nuna and Bullet.  It took a week or so for Bullet to get up the courage to jump in after Nuna, and now he enjoys it as much as she does.

Later we drove down the river a little.  I was looking for the flash of dark in the clear waters that would tell me that there was fish...the pups were busy looking for squirrels.  At one point I noticed some pretty angry birds hovering over the pups.  The pups bounced after them, clumsily trying to their best to play with the tiny delicate birds.  I saw something speed across the sand...and then it disappeared.  Ah.  Ninja baby birds.

The pups actually almost stepped on this guy....but I shooed them away before they could do any harm.  I'm sure I will be getting a thank you note from the parents soon....

I drove farther than I go normally.  Far enough away to make me think of rogue brown bears and porcupines. I started to think of my fear.  I pictured it to be like that tiny baby bird.  Hiding, only seeing it when it moved or reacted.  An odd combination of fragile and sneaky...and kinda cute.  

I have been working on a few writings.  One has to do with things that are painful to think about. And every time I sit to write about it, I'm faced with a fear....a tiny fragile fear...that only moves whens it's poked.  The piece is about being ridiculed.  About being put down for my Inupiaq veiws.  It's about how I learned to be afraid and doubt myself.  How I learned to question my opinions because of my race.  But every time I sit to write...this little fear races across the computer screen.  And I protect it like I did that tiny bird. And at this point I don't know why.  

I know the piece will be written eventually.   And it won't be as groundbreaking as it should be, but it will be done. 

Things I found to be awesome today:

The word "riven"....
Mosquito Dope...
Sneaky squirrels that sit in holes and yell at frustrated puppies...


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