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Thursday, August 20, 2009

DOgs picking blueberries

We bought an argo.  And it came in on a chubby little plane today. It's not a new one...but it's a beauty.  Yay for craigslist!  I didn't take one picture of it yet.  Typical me!  But we took it out into the country side for a test drive.  We picked blue berries and had campfire hotdogs, while the hillsides changed color with the setting sun.  It was beautiful, the kind of beauty that you could never express in words, or even capture in photos.  
We took the two puppies and Ben's brothers dog Naqayuk, a tall and slender dog with bright eerie salmonberry colored eyes.  She has a softspot for me I think, as she enjoyed giving me kisses and leaning against me as I picked berries.  At one point she started sniffing my fingers while I plucked blue berries from their perches.  As a joke I held one out in the palm of my hand so she could inspect the berry...after a few quick sniffs, she gingerly plucked the berry from my hand and ate it.  It made me laugh.  I picked some more berries and she ate those too!  She watched carefully as I picked berries.  I could almost hear her mind gathering information.  She sniffed where I had just gotten a berry, trying to figure out how they were hidden.  She sniffed my hand, she sniffed my bucket, she sat and watched me for about ten minutes.  At one point I swear I heard 
a "click."  At the next berry patch she again watched what I was doing.  But this time she sniffed AROUND where I was picking, and very very carefully,  she would pull the berries from the bush with her tiny front teeth.  I was hilarious.

Of course the puppies came around and wanted to kn
ow what she was eating.  The sniffed and watched and sniffed and soon after they also were sitting beside me ...picking berries.  It was amazing to me.  That they learned so quickly and they would even find interest in berries, which after all was a fruit.  Silly silly puppies. Maybe next year I should show them how to work for money, and how to do taxes. 

Some pictures from this evening for your enjoyment!

The willow brush is changing everyday, shedding the bright green of summer for the more mottled clothes of fall...


My view from front porch this morning.  

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  1. I could hear the snuffling dogs and almost taste the asiat. Did I spell that right? I had a dog for 13 years. She was smarter than a lot of people I have met.